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Our Charity Policies

Future Initiatives Aboriginal Corporation is an organisation dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Aboriginal people. We aim to provide support through education and sporting opportunities, as well as funeral costs. 

Educational Support Policy

​The aim of this policy is to provide the support and tools necessary for educational purposes

Sporting Support Policy

The aim of this policy is to provide support to registered members and/or their eligible children, who currently reside full-time in the Batchelor area of the NT; and/or for other Kungarakan community members who reside full-time on the Finniss River Land Trust.

Funeral Expense Policy

FIAC funeral support is designed to assist with the funeral costs for registered members of the Future Initiatives Aboriginal Corporation (FIAC) and/or their children; and Kungarakan community members who have resided permanently on the Finnis River Land Trust for at least 10 years. The immediate family of the deceased may nominate a representative to act on their behalf, as the contact person for all enquiries.

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